Look no further! We have the high yielding buccal swabs for human or veterinary use you’ve been searching for.

We stock only the best. As a result we carry numerous high-quality Isohelix buccal swabs for your numerous applications.
For instance, the ethylene oxide treated Isohelix buccal swabs have a unique matrix that leads to increased yields of high quality buccal cell and genomic DNA. They’re a superb, quick, and easy-to-use alternative to blood collection and can be used for both humans and animals.
That means these buccal swabs are perfect for everything from veterinary genotyping and diagnostics to paternity and forensics applications.
And they’re available in single and twin sterile packs.



for long term DNA stability on

sohelix Dri-Capsules
Designed for use with Isohelix SK-1 swabs, these silica gel capsules offer an easy to use alternative to chemical stabilisation for long term stability of the buccal DNA on the swab head prior to isolation.


  • Long term stability at room temperature
  • Liquid free alternative to DSK Kit
  • Easy to handle by patients and professionals
  • Designed for use with SK-1 swab packs
  • Ideal for remote sample collection

Long term stability studies show that the stability of DNA samples on SK1 swabs stored with Isohelix Dri-Capsules is maintained over a period of at least 3 years. The ongoing study is expected to confirm an increased period of stabilization well in excess of the 3 years tested so far.

SGC-50 contains 50 Isohelix dri-capsules individually foil wrapped.
SGC-50-SK1 contains 50 Isohelix dri-capsules plus 50 sk1 swabs, all individually foil wrapped.
SGC-3-SK1 contains 3 Isohelix dri-capsules plus 3 sk1 swabs, all individually foil wrapped.

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All the reagents needed to easily and quickly isolate and purify DNA with extremely high yields and purity.

The BuccalFix DNA Isolation Kits are designed to easily and quickly purify DNA already stored in BuccalFix Stabilization buffers. 
The kit comes with all the reagents required to perform the necessary isolation steps, including Proteinase K, to produce DNA with high yields and purity for all downstream processing applications.

The protocol is extremely flexible and easily adjusted if there are varying volumes to be purified. The average processing time for 0.5 ml is well under 1 hour, and no solvents, alcohol or other buffers are required. 


    • Optimized for DNA Buccal Swabs
    • Can be scaled up or down for varying volumes
    • Gives extremely high yields and purity
    • Rapid protocol times
    • Can be used in single or automated environments
    • Uses optimized chemistries with data history
    • Does not co-elute RNA


BuccalPrep Plus DNA Isolation Kit

  • Latest optimized chemistry for the highest purities
  • Includes lysis and stabilization buffers
  • High purity values as measured by A260/280
  • High yields of intact DNA with negligible RNA
  • All the same advantages as Buccal-Prep kits

The Buccal-Prep Plus DNA Isolation Kit is our latest precipitation-based chemistry combining all the necessary optimized buffers to fully lyse and simply purify DNA from Buccal swabs. The kit has a fast protocol, producing high yields and purity for all downstream processing applications. As with our other precipitation-based chemistries, no solvents, alcohol, or other external buffers are required, giving fewer processing steps and creating a faster process time.


Stabilizes DNA at room temperature maintaining integrity for downstream process applications.

The Isohelix BuccalFix range of stabilizing buffers are designed to completely stabilize the DNA in samples from DNA buccal swabs by inhibiting all enzymatic and microbial activity that occurs following any buccal sampling.

The DNA is fully stabilized and, importantly, the structure and integrity of the DNA is fully maintained for further downstream processing applications.

Once stabilized, the DNA can be stored in the BuccalFix at room temperature for periods in excess of 2 years, and then easily be processed for DNA isolation by the addition of Proteinase K and subsequent isolation steps.

The BuccalFix buffers are offered in bulk, as well as pre-filled into various tube formats to suit both manual and more automated applications where 1D and 2D bar coding, and auto de-cap options are valuable. 


  1. Stabilizes your DNA long term
  2. Maintains DNA structural Integrity
  3. Improves DNA yields and purity
  4. Room temperature storage
  5. Choice of collection tubes â Manual/HT
  6. Accommodates various swabs designs
  7. Compatible with most DNA isolation kits


The Isohelix range of DNA Buccal Swabs has been specifically designed to give increased yields of high quality buccal cell and genomic DNA. Buccal cell sampling offers a viable alternative to blood collection and, together with the Isohelix range of DNA Isolation and stabilization kits, enables high yields of pure, intact DNA to be collected easily and quickly.

Isohelix DNA swabs are suitable for both human and veterinary use and offer significant advantages over other DNA swab designs in terms of efficiency of cell collection by the unique swab matrix, which combined with a quick release surface, maximizes yields of DNA. Swab batches are ethylene oxide treated and routinely tested for human DNA contamination.


  • High yielding swabs for buccal cell DNA collection
  • Unique swab matrix greatly improves DNA yields
  • Alternative to blood collection
  • Suitable for human and veterinary use
  • Easy to handle and quick to use
  • Available in single and twin sterile packs


    • Research Genotyping Applications
    • Veterinary Genotyping and Diagnostics
    • Paternity and Heredity Services
    • Forensics and DNA Population Studies

    Additional for SK-1S

    The Isohelix SK-1S DNA swab uses the unique swab matrix design to efficiently collect buccal cell samples.

    Following sampling you simply snap the shaft just above the swab head and place into the tube provided, then seal for containment.

    DNA Buccal Swab Pack:
    1 buccal swab with 5ml tube and cap

    Additional for SK-2S

    The SK-2S has the same features as the SK-1S except that it includes a unique cap design which allows you to simply push the entire swab head from off the shaft into the collection tube after sampling.

    This format has the advantage of being easier to manipulate at the DNA isolation stage whether using manual or HT extraction methods.

    DNA Buccal Swab Pack:
    1 buccal swab with 2ml tube and special release cap

    Additional info for SK-3S, SK-4S & SK-5S

    The SK-3S, SK-4S and SK-5S formats all use the same design and materials used in the SK-1S and SK-2S formats, and have exactly the same advantages for efficiently collecting buccal cell samples.

    Like the SK-1S, you can quickly snap the shaft at the breakpoint if you wish to store the swab in a tube. If this is your preferred method, Cell Projects has available pre capped tubes that can be ordered with these formats.

    SK-3S:1 Buccal Swab per wrapper
    SK-4S: 2 Buccal Swabs per wrapper
    SK-5S: 3 Buccal Swabs per wrapper

Additional info on RapiDri™Pouch

The RD-01 Packaging includes a RapiDri™Pouch and bar code for shipping in addition to 1 swab.  Once placed into the RapiDri™ pouch, the swab is quickly stabilized to maximize the DNA yield without loss of integrity, over many months at ambient temperatures. The entire contents are Ethylene Oxide treated and routinely tested for human DNA contamination. The RapiDri™ pouch also protects the DNA from cross contamination and conveniently acts as a transport pack, meeting



The Isohelix Buccalyse DNA Release Kit produces high DNA yields from buccal swabs (2 to 4µg average total yield from an adult) offering significant advantages of ease of handling, speed and ease of sample preparation with rapid extraction of PCR-ready DNA using a single tube method not requiring centrifugation.

BEK-50 DNA release kit is for 50 samples.
BEK-3 is for 3 samples.


    • Quick and easy 1 tube / 1 step kit
    • PCR-ready DNA in under 20 mins
    • For simple and multiplex PCR
    • Ideal for qPCR DNA samples
    • Out performs alternative single tube kits
    • For High Throughput and Robotics
    • Developed for DNA buccal swabs



Spin+Collect is a novel sample recovery device to increase sample yields from swabs and other materials. The Isohelix Spin+Collect firmly grips the swab or other material whilst exposing maximal surface area for the first step of elution or lysis of the sample. A 1.5ml microfuge tube is then fitted as a cap and inverted for centrifugation and final release of any sample trapped in the matrix.


  • Yields increase over 25%
  • Recovers sample deeply embedded in the matrix
  • Requires a single centrifuge step
  • Disposable, sterile and packaged aseptically
  • Tested for Human DNA contamination

Additional info for SC/ST-100

100 x Spin+Collect devices packed 5 per bag with 100 x 1.5ml matched tubes.

Additional info for SC-150

150 x Spin+Collect devices packed 5 per bag.



The Xtreme DNA Isolation Kit is a silica membrane based spin column DNA purification kit designed to isolate highly purified, high molecular weight genomic DNA from buccal swabs with minimal losses. The DNA is suitable for use in even the most demanding downstream applications. The XCU-50 kit is for 50 reactions, while XME-5 is for 5 reactions.


    • Very high purity DNA
    • DNA free from trace PCR inhibitors
    • Optimised for buccal DNA
    • Manual or high throughput formats
    • No solvent based chemicals
    • Maintains integrity of the genomic DNA
    • Improved success in demanding downstream applications


The MS-001, MS-002, MS-003, MS-004 Mini DNA Isohelix Swabs use exactly the same matrix material as the SK swabs so there is significant history of use but have reduced dimensions and area. The width of the swab has been reduced from 8mm to 6mm. The swabs are Ethylene Oxide sterilized and are available in different swabs numbers per wrapper; the break point has been reduced compared to the SK swab allowing it to be used in smaller tubes.


    • Smaller surface area size
    • Very high pro rata DNA yields
    • Fits smaller tubes so can be 96 racked
    • Lower break point to fit shorter tubes
    • Uses identical swab material to SK series


The Isohelix DDK DNA Isolation Kit has been specifically formulated to produce high DNA yield from buccal swabs. The DDK-50 kits are fully optimised for use on buccal samples and offer reduced handling times and increased DNA yields together with many other important technical and practical benefits.


  • Includes Stabilisation & Lysis steps
  • High yields from buccal swabs
  • Optimised to Buccal Cell Swabs
  • Fast handling times
  • Manual or High Throughput formats
  • Considerable test data available
  • No solvents, columns or filtration

This is a multiplex PCR kit designed to show the presence and quality of human genomic DNA. The expected results from intact human genomic DNA are bands of 100bp, 200bp, 300bp, 400bp and 600bp together with an internal control band of 500bp derived from Lambda DNA. The presence of the 500bp band in the negative control demonstrates a successful amplification reaction has occurred.